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More than 20 years experience in injection molding industry

Started in 1996, is a professional plastic mold design, manufacturing, injection molding processing and oil injection, screen printing as one of the integrated enterprises;

A team of 30 technical members, including 8 senior engineers with more than 15 years of experience in injection molding process research and development, can flexibly deal with various difficult problems according to the actual situation and provide customers with solutions in time.


Safety guarantee of brand supplied raw materials

The raw materials are LG, Qimei and other famous brands at home and abroad, all of which have passed ROHS / SGS / reach and other international environmental protection standards certification;

Stable quality, green non-toxic, safety and environmental protection, ensure product quality from the source.


Scale production efficiency industry leader

Over 3000 square meters of standardized production workshop, with injection molding machine, molding machine, pad printing machine, silk screen printing machine, mold processing equipment, quality testing instruments and other advanced production equipment and instruments to ensure that the injection molding process can be completed in one operation, a total of more than 110 sets;

The daily output of the factory can reach 100000 sets, which can fully meet the needs of customers in large quantities, and the delivery time is fast and stable.


Strict process international standard certification

Strictly follow the requirements of ISO9001 international quality management system, establish a set of perfect production and quality control process, and ensure that the rate of good products is over 98%;

Zhongyuan people defend product quality with their lives, which has been favored by famous enterprises such as Huawei, ZTE, bell, Fenghuo, SGM, Jinjin Co., Ltd. for 20 years!


Every employee in Zhongyuan is familiar with the importance of service. The customer is the parents of Zhongyuan. Without high-quality service, Zhongyuan will never grow. On the road of growth, we insist on doing every little thing well and strive to make every customer who cooperates with us more satisfied.

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