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Employee health and safety risk management:

Zhongyuan has always attached great importance to the health and safety management of its employees. Since the introduction of OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system in 2014, Zhongyuan has continued to strengthen its investment in this area, improve its technology, establish its processes and instructions, regularly arrange training for key posts and provide them with labor protection appliances after passing the training and assessment;

Regularly entrust a third party to monitor the air and noise in the workplace; arrange physical examination for employees every year; and take effective actions to prevent safety accidents          image.png

    Environmental safety risk management:

The main production equipment of Zhongyuan has introduced the most advanced first-class manufacturing brand in China, with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, reaching the advanced level in China.

Noise: the sound produced in the production process, in line with the relevant national regulations;

Waste water: mainly produces domestic sewage, which conforms to the national discharge standard;

Waste gas: trace odor is generated in the forming process, which is collected and treated by the gas collecting hood, and then discharged at a high altitude through the pipeline, meeting the national emission standard;

Solid waste: leftover materials, packaging materials, etc. produced in the process of material cutting, without hazardous solid waste, shall be recycled by a qualified environmental protection company.


    Product safety management:

Product safety is directly related to the health and safety of customers and consumers. Zhongyuan has always believed that it is its responsibility and obligation to ensure the health and safety of products before they are delivered to customers. Therefore, the company's internal test and external test must be carried out for different products to make our products meet the environmental protection requirements of customers and thus reduce the potential health and safety risks of related products           image.png

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